The North Bay Branch, Ontario Registered Music Teachers’ Association ORMTA

North Bay Branch  Ontario Registered Music Teachers’ Association

1. Assurance of qualified, knowledgeable instruction.

2. Opportunities for participation or   performance at:

Branch Events & Recitals

3. Opportunities for students to receive awards and recognition for excellence in practical and theoretical examinations.

4. Opportunities for advanced students to develop pedagogical knowledge and experience needed for the Teacher’s Associate Diploma.

Requirements to become a member of the ORMTA

Benefits of study with a member of the North Bay Branch of the ORMTA

1. A degree or diploma equivalent to that of the Associate or Licentiate Diplomas issued by any recognized University or School of Music.

2. The practical Viva Voce and written Teacher’s examination in the subject area of instruction OR equivalent pedagogical training.

3. Proof of teaching experience satisfactory to the board of Examiners.

Français North Bay Branch Executive Committee — 2021 - 2023

President:  Brian McDowell

Vice President: vacant

Secretary:  Frances Balodis

Treasurer:  Chloe Weston

Workshop Convenor:  Susan Nicholson

Past President: Jessica Wadley

NB Branch Past Presidents

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OCTA Recipients

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