The North Bay Branch, Ontario Registered Music Teachers’ Association ORMTA

North Bay Branch  Ontario Registered Music Teachers’ Association GLENN GOULD – $1000.00 or more

Clyde and Binnie Armstrong, Florendy Bérubé, Boston Pizza Celebrity Night/Boston Pizza Silent Auction, Bryer Family in memory of Newman Bryer (Helen, Eric, Bruce, Doreen and Keith), Evans Bertrand Hill Wheeler Architecture Inc., Kiwanis Club of Nipissing, Peter McKenney in honour of his son, Austin McKenney, Kiwanis Music Festival, North Bay Branch ORMTA Collective Contribution, North Bay Branch ORMTA Yardsale, Walmart

ANGELA HEWITT – $500 to $999

Karl Dittmann and Doreen Bryer in memory of Mary Greco Irvine, Kiwanis Aktion Club of North Bay, Rivet Insurance, Cynthia Roveda, The Toronto Piano Group

OSCAR PETERSON – $250 to $499

Beth Chartrand, Sean Dayton (North Bay School of Music), Gayle Denston / Manitou Chapter IODE in memory of Joan Olmsted, Carolyn A. Fink, John Otterspoor and Rosalynn Heuer, Robin Hill in memory of Clair Cummings, Frank Horvat Concert Donation, Nancy Hughes, Jennifer Levitan in memory of Jacob Christensen, North Bay Hydro Social Club, Brian McDowell, Dr. Grant McKercher, Susan Nicholson in memory of Joan Olmsted, Dean and Kim Pauli, Patricia Schweitzer, Elsa Tafel, Catherine Frair, John Wipprecht, Sandy O’Grady

BORIS BERLIN – $100 to $249

Mary Jane Asselstine, Birmingham Sound (Michael Levitan), Gunars Balodis and Frances Balodis, Jakob and Graham Bryer, Diana Currie, Adeline Faucon and Hilary Bryer Faucon, Steven and Jelena Jelich, Bill and Pat Jenkins, Dr. Terena Lam, Pat, Sylvie, Gab, and Mario Lavoie, Louise Lefebvre, Marlene Little, Penny Maj – In memory of Ron Bradfield, Mary Mitchell - in memory of Lynda Rehder-Kennedy, Dave & Irene McKee, Antoinette McParland, Jane Stockfish Irwin, Jessica Wadley,  Janet Zimbalatti, Rosalind Zimbalatti


Glenda Brown, Jeffrey & Katherine Buell, Francine Funnell in honour of Susan Nicholson, Melissa Hamilton, Dennis Laughlin, Mary Lim in memory of Yueh Sien Tu, Dingman and Linda Oudekirk, Kelly and Lawrence Potts, Reuben Stevenson, Kim Thomas and Family

Français Grand Piano Concert Pictures 

This picture was taken on May 12, 2018 on the occasion of the 2018 Kiwanis Music Festival Finale concert and awards ceremony. In the photo is current North Bay Branch ORMTA president Cynthia Roveda, and branch member Elsa Tafel, a former branch president, and long time friend of Joan Sanders Olmsted in whose memory our grand piano is dedicated.

Inset is the plaque which is mounted on the piano as an enduring reminder of the many contributions made by Joan to the community through her teaching and her continued efforts in making the North Bay Branch ORMTA a vital, successful organization.

This piano is dedicated to the memory of Joan Sanders Olmsted

THANK YOU to our donors who contributed toward the purchase of our Yamaha C3X Grand Piano