The North Bay Branch, Ontario Registered Music Teachers’ Association ORMTA

North Bay Branch  Ontario Registered Music Teachers’ Association

Below is a listing of North Bay Branch Members who have been selected to receive the ORMTA “Ontario Contribution to Teaching Award” formerly known as “The Special Teachers’ Award” which recognizes excellence in the field of music teaching. ORMTA branches are invited each year to select an individual who is then honoured with this award at the provincial convention which takes place in July.  

1989 Sydna Shorse

1990 none

1991 Sister Jacqueline Facette

1992 none

1993 none

1994 Hazel Morton

1995 Sister Laurette Asselin

1996 Evelyn Bourke

1997 Mary Mitchell

1998 Jennie Morrison

1999 Joan Olmsted

2000 Elsa Tafel

2001 Sister Pauline Seguin

2002 Carmen Cazabon

2003 Lynda Kennedy

2004 Marlene Little

2005 none

2006 Brian McDowell

2007 June de Sousa

2008 Ginny McNally

2009 none

2010 Beth Chartrand

2011 none

2012 Nancy Hughes

2013 none

2014 Doreen Bryer

2015 none

2016 Sue Nicholson

2019 Elsa tafel

OCTA Recipients 1989 — 2019